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Our Story

College sports dramatically changed on July 1, 2021 when student athletes could partner with businesses and organizations and financially benefit from their years of hard work and amazing talents.  Paladin Strategies was created for the express purpose of bridging the gap in NIL opportunities and compensation between male and female collegiate athletes.

Paladin Strategies' mission is to connect amazing female collegiate athletes with their fans and supporting communities, increase NIL opportunities and compensation for female collegiate athletes, highlight the tremendous achievements of our student-athletes, and provide our student-athletes with mentorship opportunities to help them reach their dreams and goals beyond collegiate athletics.  This led to the creation of the Lady Shocks Squad, one of the first, women's focused, NIL membership programs in collegiate athletics.

As we began setting up the Lady Shocks Squad, we realized we were not the only ones who witnessed the disparities in NIL opportunities and compensation available to female collegiate athletes. We are fortunate to have truly  women who represent the very best of collegiate sports to serve as part of our Advisory Council.  These individuals believe in our focus on narrowing the NIL gap and are committed to helping Paladin Strategies and the Lady Shocks Squad change the narrative of NIL and collegiate athletics. 

Executive Team and Advisory Board

Squad Athlete Leadership

As part of the commitment by Paladin Strategies LLC to provide more than just NIL opportunities to student-athletes, we have created the Lady Shocks Squad Athlete Leadership Team.  This group of women meets regularly to ensure the Lady Shocks Squad is meeting the needs of female student-athletes participants while helping provide a roadmap for the future.


Syd McKinney

Softball - Senior


Clara Whitaker

Tennis - Sophomore


Brianna Utecht

Track & Field - Sophomore


Natalie Foster

Volleyball - Sophomore


Ella Anciaux

Basketball - Sophomore


Addison Barnard

Softball - Junior

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